Other economic sectors. PropTech startup  – Big Data and Analytics for Real Estate and Smart Cities market


Product / Service

Colouree is a easy-to-use and visually appealing platform for Real Estate that rates in 3 clicks any property surroundings, leveraging geo-referred data and computational analysis to match customers’ needs in term of lifestyle, commute or business with the right location.

Colouree enables a deep understanding about locations that supports smarter and faster decisions for both investors and customers, increasing their satisfaction and involvement, and reducing the gap between them.



Decision makers, investors, and consultants within smart city and real estate market who, whitout being a data experts, need a data-driven and visually appealing understanding of any property surroundings, for smarter and better decisions


Customer problem

Real Estate (the largest asset type globally) generated immense wealth without changing its workflows or processes for many decades, creating a great lack of upgrade, and low performing responses to the emerging customer expectations that result in lost opportunities, higher costs and poor decisions for decision makers, as well as for customers satisfaction and involvement


Business model

Colouree is based on a SaaS Enabled Marketplace model, combining our data-driven SaaS tool, useful both to suppliers and demand side, with marketplace features that allow them to connect and transact, increasing market size, involvement and transparency.

B2B suppliers side (subsscriptions)< > B2B demand side (free access – upsells insights and leads to B2B)



Nicola Pisani (founder), Manuele Pesenti, Federico Silvestri, Giorgio Tona, Sara Scaramuccia (team)

team so far: Cristiano Nattero, Deepa Scarrà, Gizem Ermis, Andrea Quartara, Paola Sabbion, Pietro Monero, Giulia Curletto, Giulio Dini, Andrea Anselmo.


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