Yachting – Fitness services and wearable technology


Product / Service

Production of basic wearable devices for full body workouts using the Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technique. This equipment consists for its basic configuration of: 1) square-wave electric pulse generator 2) electrostimulation technical wear suit 3) operational wireless software. At the same time, we have already realised two operational Fit & Fly centres that are successfully providing customized fitness services. Both centres are located in Genoa.



The reference markets of A & A, are those related to fitness and wearable. These markets are huge and they are rapidly growing, as well as the parallel markets of monitoring and preventive health care, which are also addressed in terms of products and services. The typical customer target is represented by senior citizens who wish to keep in good shape, stay healthy and ageing well.


Customer problem

The need for well-being, to keep fit, to take care of its own psycho-physical health is increasingly felt by large sections of the population and of income brackets, especially the senior people who are particularly sensitive to the issues of active ageing. The equipment and services offered through Fit & Fly project represent an effective and high value-added response to this need.


Business model

We have completed the value chain from the production of equipment to the provision of tailor-made fitness services in accordance with a well-tested model that works since 2016 and it is ready to be adopted and replicated with the formula franchising or partnering.


Patent / Traction / Validation

Our system know how as well the training and technical assistance will protect the investment but above all the competitiveness our business in comparison to potential competitors will make the difference. We are considering international patent application



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