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Product / Service

Ariadne’s Green Thread Project is an innovative Futuredata  service which enables tracking of origin and detailed information regarding quantity, type and exact location of numerous materials contained in Electrical and Electronic Equipement (EEE).

When our logo is present on an EEE product, or even  part of it, by inserting the product code  in our application, or just scanning  the bar code on the product, data will be supplied on all the chemical elements and conformity with RoHS , REACH and ethical and environmental norms.



This service is addressed to all EEE producers, those who deal with Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipement (WEEE) and who purchase an EEE and want to know its environmental impact.


Customer problem

Companies dealing with WEEE may significantly increase the number of materials recovered. Today only 8/10 metals out of 45/60 different elements which are present in a electronic board are salvaged. EEE producers can therefore show clients transparency, social responsibility and environmental awareness.


Business model

It’s fundamental for  the EEE producers to fully understand the importance of the Ariadne Project in order to develop an ever more sustainable industry in line with the Circular Economy.


Patent / Traction / Validation

The AGT Project is registered with the “Registro Pubblico Speciale per i  programmi per elaboratore” with the SIAE office in Rome and is now part of the company capital.


Founders  (vostri nomi)

Miriam Kisilevsky

Capponi Cosimo,

De Gregorio Alessio

Capponi Rosario



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