Yachting (sustainable tourism, renewable energy)


Product / Service

GebarGE Marina Resort is a residential/technical floating module to live in and bring to life the Marinas/protected docks.

It is built in factory and assembled in a shipyard inside the Marina

It hosts Customers in hotel, bar, restaurants, shops directly on the sea

It has solar panel system, vertical axis wind turbines and natural cooling system

It is environment friendly: the module has a grey/black water treatment system, Iiquid waste does not discharge into the sea or urban sewerage. The treated water is used for services and washing

It can be towed by small tugs or transported on container ships



The idea is to offer additional services to marinas for hotel, bar, restaurants, sailing club, medical center, shops, swimming pools without building new fixed ground structures

Customer problem

The builder of a Marina must invest enormous amounts of capital for maritime structures. The return on investment is possible only by building residences and shops, in a state-owned area subject to temporal, environmental and landscape constraints. Not one of these problems with Gebarge solution


Business model

With Gebarge we provide a valuable product starting from its design creating job opportunity for production, management and maintenance services in Marinas in cross-border areas even out of season

Patent / Traction / Validation

The hull design, by type of materials, in-plant construction and on-site assembly provides innovative and patentables solutions.


Guido Corsi
Marco Orto
Federica Poggio
SALL srl


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