Yachting – Information and Communication Technology (Cyber Security)


Product / Service

Haruspex suite is a set of software modules to predict malicious attacks against ITC and OT infrastructures and to suggest the minimal set of countermeasures to stop these attacks.

Once the infrastructure is modeled, the Montecarlo method repeats the attacks hundred thousands of times to discover and rank any attack paths. Then, an Artificial Intelligence engine computes the minimal set of countermeasures to protect the infrastructure up to the level   decided by the ITC owner.

Haruspex S.r.l. already has among its customers the two major  Italian Defense Industries and has been included within the group of suppliers of IBM .  The Haruspex products can integrate hardware and software tools from other companies (IBM, Cisco, Nessus, nMap, etc.) to improve their functionality and keep it up-to-date.



Potential customers are all the organization utilizing ITC structure  (i.e. Public Administrations, Industries, Banks, Insurance companies, Ship builders and trading companies, MoDs, Critical infrastructures etc).


Customer problem

Cyber Security is an unsolved problem today. An organization lacking cyber risk assessment and management may suffer heavy damages (even physical) and economic losses. Only in the first semester of 2018 more than 700 serious cyber-attacks have occurred causing economic losses, damage to reputation, dissemination of sensitive data, lost of intellectual properties.


Business model

The direct approach to customers, based on the credibility acquired by the Haruspex Srl (having State Institutions and important companies as customers) has proven to be a rather effective way to expand our business in the short/medium term. The expansion of the market will be based on:-Licensing of the Haruspex Software Platform- Offering Services of Risk Assessment&Management -Providing Training Courses, On the Job Training and Assistance to customers


Patent / Traction / Validation

Since mid-2018 the Haruspex technology is protected by an international copyright



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