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Earthworms have the ability to digest large quantities of organic waste, turning it into a precious humus, a biological fertilizer able to enrich and regenerate even barren land due to the use of herbicides, chemicals and intensive farming. The precious work of earthworms has been known since the time of Aristotele who called them “The Intestine of the Earth”. Even Darwin exalted their work, coming to dedicate his last work to them (The formation of vegetable mold through the action of worms, 1881). In Italy, the earthworm culture is still not widespread and particularly in Liguria it is used in small farms only that use humus for their biological plantations. The aim of this project is to realize the first Ligurian earthworms farm which would lead to: development and revaluation of  regional territory and humus production, the best  biological fertilizer.

The project provide for the development of kitchen laboratory activities to transform biological products grown with humus, into regional typical food (pesto, sauces, jam….). This activity is intended for tourists.

It is scientifically demonstrated that earthworms, through the intestinal passage, are able to purify and disinfect what they ingest thanks to the presence in their intestine of natural antibiotics. The dense network of tunnel generated by the excavation work of earthworms increases the oxygenation of the material with a noticeable increase in biodegradation due to oxidation. For these reasons, the earthworm is already the object  of study and research in many countries including France, South America, India, Australia. One aspect of the project will be the research on the applicability of the characteristics of the earthworm in the disposal and recycling of pollutants from animal and/or civil waste.


Target / Customer problem

Environmental problems are increasing but fortunately, the sensitivity and attention to the biological and the safeguard of the environment are also increasing. That’s why it’s so important to use humus as the best fertilizer for biological agriculture. In Italy only few earthworm farmers are present. Still, humus production is not sufficient to satisfy the Italian request.

It will be necessary to make good marketing operations to insert the enterprise into the Italian and foreign market. Furthermore, the collaboration with a foreign country, such as France could lead to innovative features that could be utilized to help the environment. The sale of humus can be done in specific store, through online sale or sales rep. In Liguria there are many greenhouse for vegetables or flowers which are potential buyers. Finally, the processing of the biological products in a lab for regional typical products, could be very attractive for tourists.


Business model

At a moment we realized a little earthworm farm in a social association called “La Valletta di San Nicola” in Genoa just to demonstrate to the people the earthworm’s capabilities to digest large quantities of organic waste turning it into a precious humus able to enrich and regenerate even barren land. We found 16000 mq of land with a big house to renovate for our enterprise. We are in touch with the biggest Italian earthworm farmer which can help us for the start of the enterprise. We also look for foreign partners, particularly French partner to compare activities in different countries. We are interested in research in this aim so we are looking for collaboration with University and/or Institutes of research.



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