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Product / Service

ECOMar is an energy conversion system based upon sea waves and applicable to any type of dam and backdrop. ECOMar consists of a modular system to produce electricity from wave motion, compatible with large and small breakwaters and suitable for  any type of seabed. It integrates supervision system, software applications and a data acquisition system for the recording of all  monitored  parameters.

Furthermore, ECOMar implements a cyber security policy with respect to all the communication  links for data  transmission  and command  & control operations.

It is supplied by power obtained from “alternative and renewable energies” in addition to that provided in ports and harbors. It fully complies with Europe 2020’s primary objective which involves reducing greenhouse gases and C02 emissions, increasing energy efficiency and responding to the guidelines for Energy Sustainability.



Kuma Energy srl (KE) has developed a wave energy converter (ECOMar) compatible  with large  and small breakwater  and all  different  types of seabed.

ECOMar allows ports and marinas to ensure the access to renewables in line with Europe 2020 targets of greenhouse gases reduction, energy efficiency improvement. ECOMar is also in line with Sustainable Energy guidelines in BRICS and OCSE protocol. KE is part of Pelagos Cluster.


Customer problem

The goal is to create a performance system that is at  the  same time  ‘controlled’  from a safety  point of view, remotely monitored through the most effective remote control systems, data communication systems, the buoy cyber  security  and the  communication  of these with the land  for data provision and remote maintenance. The goal is to design and develop  an Internet  of  Things (IoT) system to demonstrate the feasibility of advanced applications based on smart buoys. The system will be developed  in a modular  way, to services, in order to  allow the implementation  of various types of applications, even by third parties, using the features offered  by  the  smart buoys.


Business model

KE aims to create customizable systems for sites with different wave characteristics, correlating the energy contribution of the waves, based on data provided by observational systems made available by scientific consultants, with the results of accumulateci electricity and, consequently, optimize the various components of the system. (WONDERTECH – INFOPORTO). KE has designed and equipped the ECOMar project with an innovative auxiliary power supply system.


Patent / Traction / Validation

Kuma has designed an energia sistema optimizing the contribution 8f Sea wavesand supervised in termini of secutity by the most efficient remote monitoring control and data comunication system.Kuma has file the patent



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