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Product / Service

Based on the experience gained by Mario Benvenuti, both in the international academic field and in the workplace, the L.E.N.o ®. (Lipo Extract Natural of®) system came to life, as a natural extraction system capable of totally eliminating any chemical agent from the extraction process.

The idea that inspired Leno Beauty is the return to simplicity and nature, with the rediscovery of botany and experimentation of plants and fruits present in nature and able to do “natural miracles”.

This system has been described as “biophysically natural” and has led to the creation of a neologism and a brand.



The potential target clients are:

– pharmaceutical distributors which want to distribute the line of products;

– companies which want to use the biophysical base in order to create their own products


Customer problem

The world of cosmetics is now invaded by a myriad of creams and products that can promise miracles but that move “against the nature”, creating an artificial beauty, almost plastic, certainly not natural. Leno beauty S.a.s. started from the bottom line that “beauty should not be explained, must be studied”.


Business model

At the moment, Leno Beauty is a SME producing little quantities of a limited line of products. Production is performed by third-parties, commercial activity is completely on the owners’ shoulders.


Patent / Traction / Validation

L.E.N.o ® (Lipo Extract Natural of) is a registered trademark.

Biofisicamente natural® (biophysically natural)  is a registered trademark a production system

Lenit Cream ®

Easy Ice®



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