Tourism – Hospitality Industry (restaurants, hotels, bars, resorts, spas, parks, entertainment businesses).


Product / Service

WAITER GROUP addresses the problem of sudden unexpected shortage of personnel, and consequent emergency replacement, dedicated to the “Hospitality” industry.

WAITER GROUP instantly connects demand and supply of this largely unserved market, by publishing the availability of qualified people at precise times and places, enabling employers to connect with them just when and where the need arises. Waiter Group helps people who need to increase monthly revenue.

WAITER GROUP is a “win-win” solution:

– for employers, it solves the problem of finding qualified personnel in a very short time

– for workers, it allows to generate extra income where and when they are available



  1. a) Industry professionals unemployed b) employed but willing to work extra hours to increase monthly income c) students d) employed in other sectors and willing to generate extra income.


Customer problem

Touristic businesses of all kinds must deal with sudden lack of staff. Standard “self-made” solutions are ineffective causing higher costs, lower quality of service and working conditions.

A large workforce exists with suitable skills and a strong need for additional monthly income.

Potential is never exploited because of lack of “reciprocal visibility”.


Business model

“Freemium” with monthly subscription – Basic and Premium for workers – Business and Enterprise for employers


Patent / Traction / Validation

Validation: Interviews with touristic business owners show strong interest and willingness to pay we can solve their problem effectively, easily and instantly when it occurs.



Alessio Giorgi – (founder and CEO)

Andrea Dalmaso (VP Sales marketing and Strategy)



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